The Tory Lane Facial Abuse Scene

Tory Lane is an extreme whore with an extreme craving for the rough stuff. She visited the Facial Abuse studio thinking she'd run the show, like she does with most of these pansy ass porn producers. What she didn't think, is that Duke Skywalker puts whores like her through pure humiliation and degradation on a daily basis.

Bootleg and Big Red put Tory Lane on her knees and broke her in by pounding her tonsils with their dicks. She was gagging and choking as if she choked on a piece of meat...which I guess she technically had. Her face was covered in drool, vomit and smeared makeup, as spit and slaps hit her face.

As her face was used up, the crew moved down south to focus on her ass and pussy. Without much lube, they shoved their hard rods into her tight holes and fucked her like human sybians. She squealed as both dicks went balls deep into her ass and pussy at the same time, giving her a double penetration experience she'll never forget. My guess is that she won't be able to walk straight for weeks.

Once her holes were nice and sore, Tory Lane got on the floor and prepared to be turned into a human cum rag. Pop after pop, Tory Lane was begining to drown in a pool of cum. Her face was covered in a thick layer of sperm, and she finished the video doing what any good little whore would do: She rubbed the cum in like lotion, in hopes of keeping her skin nice and soft.

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